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IGN: 124c41
by 124c41 » 7 months ago

Hey TNT-wars fans,

We are happy to announce the rebirth of TNT-wars.net.


We are currently in recruitment phase as we prepare for a soft opening to the public.

We are looking for experienced Moderators, Builders, and Developers.

Applicants need apply @ http://tnt-wars.net . You can find the applications under the "More" drop down menu.


Also for those that remember the original server, you may remember that beyond the tnt-wars mini game we also had Missile wars. This game mode is also back, and an exciting new take on a great game mode new to TNT-wars in the near future. Weather you are new to TNT-wars or not please apply if you are interested, enjoy and remember to invite your friends to our discord to keep up dated! https://discord.gg/JYHgWb5


We hope to see you there.

Admin Staff

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