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Big changes coming to tntwars as we move toward our grand opening.

We are working on a complete recode and new exciting game modes! We are currently coding to improve the server and GoQuake, then a VERY exciting new unique game mode we are calling Horde.

So Invite your friends to the discord and show your support!!! Lets get this discord to 1,000 members. :allthethings~1:

We are excited to make this the most EXLOSIVE and AWESOME Minecraft server it can be.


6 months ago

:boom:Hey TNT-wars fans:boom: ,

We are happy to announce the rebirth of TNT-wars.net, but we really want to get this right for YOU the player. Hop on to TNT-wars.net on July 17th for our soft opening to enjoy and help us test and tweak this excellent 1.8 mini game we all remember and love.

Also for those that remember we also had Missile wars. :rocket: This game mode will also be back. Also an exciting new take on a great game mode, new to TNT-wars to come in the near future.

Sign up for your forum account ( http://tnt-wars.net/ ) to keep in touch with all your TNT-wars friends or make new ones or maybe apply for a staff position. During the soft opening players who join will receive a chance to acquire the discord role of BETA. The top three players who invite the most friends to the Discord server will also be rewarded with the Drafter rank to recognize their efforts to help kickstart the server.

Weather you are new to TNT-wars or not please come and check us out, enjoy and remember to invite your friends!

We hope to see you there.


7 months ago

The Application process typically consists of 3 stages.

Please be patient during your application process.

Remember that all staff are unpaid volunteers and we all have a real life which must come first.

Stage ONE

The Application

This is filled out in the website. Click "More" above to see the pull down options.

Options listed there reflect current servers needs. If for example "moderation applications" are not listed then we will not be accepting mod applications at that time.

Tipical applications consist of:

Moderation Applictations

See here for more information on moderation positions.

Builder Applications

See here for more information on Builder positions.

Developer Applications

See here for more information on Developer positions.

Youtube/streamer Applications

See here for more information on Youtuber/streamer positions.

Stage TWO

The Application Review

We review and confirm anything we can gleen from your application.

At this stage we may or may not ask for more information from you before proceeding to a formal Interview in stage three.



The Interview

The purpose of an interview is twofold: we talk about what you can do for TNT-wars.net, and it gives you and us an opportunity to assess whether your qualifications and career ambitions align with the positions requirements.

At the interview we take the time to get to know you a little more beyond your application and may ask you to offer more clearification and information about yourself and ask some basic questions.


The interview will take place in a Voice of IP chat on the Official TNT-wars.net Discord server.

7 months ago

Hey TNT-wars fans,

We are happy to announce the rebirth of TNT-wars.net.


We are currently in recruitment phase as we prepare for a soft opening to the public.

We are looking for experienced Moderators, Builders, and Developers.

Applicants need apply @ http://tnt-wars.net . You can find the applications under the "More" drop down menu.


Also for those that remember the original server, you may remember that beyond the tnt-wars mini game we also had Missile wars. This game mode is also back, and an exciting new take on a great game mode new to TNT-wars in the near future. Weather you are new to TNT-wars or not please apply if you are interested, enjoy and remember to invite your friends to our discord to keep up dated! https://discord.gg/JYHgWb5


We hope to see you there.

Admin Staff

7 months ago


Pospective applicants must be able to fill in every application information request truthfully, and submit to a voice interview over Discord. Any deviation from truth will result in imediate dismissal. This includes all forms of Plagiarism.

Age: N/A

Prospective Youtubers MUST have a clean non 18+ channel.

Must have a minimum of 2,000 subscribers.


Applicants must first have made a Tntwars.com introduction video on your channel which must be longer than 30 seconds. You must share this video publicly and link it in your application.


Your videos must not depict the use of glitches, either minecraft or the tnt-wars.net server.


Failure to comply with these terms could lead to immediate termination of your rank.

8 months ago