**No Unapproved Mods & Texture Packs**

NOTE : The use of LiteLoader will result in a PERMANENT BAN from the server.


          **Allowed Mod List:**

-ArmorStatusHUD, StatusEffectHUD, DirectionHUD & the Core Mod: bspkrsCore 

-Batty’s Coordinates 

-ToggleSneak & its required mod: PlayerAPI 


-ReiMinimap without Entity/Player Radar 

-VoxelMinimap without Entity/Player Radar 

-Text Mod 

-Kohi TCPNoDelay - Forge Mod 

-Saturation Display 

-Daytime Mod 


-KeyStrokes Mod 



**No Hacked Clients**

Any mod that changes the way a player interacts with the server is considered a hacked client. 

This includes altered or alternative clients, x-ray texture packs and various mods.


**DO NOT Lie to staff members**

This hurts everyone in the community and will be met with corresponding punishment.


**No X-Ray/Radar** 

All offenses will result in a ban. 


**No Auto Clickers / Butterfly Clicking / Drag Clicking/macroing**

Auto clickers and macros for your mouse are NOT allowed. 


**Do NOT abuse or exploit a bug or glitch**  

Exploiting any bug, Server or Minecraft related, can be considered “game-breaking” and will result in a punishment. 


**No block glitching**

Block‌ ‌Glitching‌ ‌involves‌ ‌hitting‌ ‌a‌ ‌player‌ ‌through‌ ‌a‌ ‌block unintended in game play.‌ ‌


**No inappropriate Chat Content** 

including spam, advertisement, racism, swearing, posting porn and other offensive materials)
Players who we consider serial offenders (people who we find to be considerably toxic in chat) 
will be permanently muted. Advertisers will be permanently muted on first offence.


**Respect the staff, the server and other players**

This means; no threatening/harassing players and staff or DDoSing the server.

Talking negatively about staff or the server and its players does not help to create a better server. If you dont have anything good to say then don't say anything at all. If a memeber of the community is breaking the rules simply report them in the appropriate places.

In Game you may use the "/report" command.


**Do not tamper with frozen players.**

Tipically a frozen play is frozen due to their intenet connection and often not under their or our control.

Please respect them and leave them alone.


**Please do not spam report.**

Spamming the "/report" command will not elevate or expedite our reaction time but actually may hinder it, along with raise the wrath of the staff online. Online staff will see them, don't worry.


**Do not water protect in the tntwars mini game or grief other players in any way.**